Project Ara is here
it &
1 a personal experience
of a mobile device
unlike any other
2 function that
extends beyond smartphone
3 modularity reimagines
the life cycle
of a mobile device

The modular concept offers the opportunity of optimum adaptability to budget and lifestyle, granting the user the power to build a device as their needs evolve and as their budget permits.

Luis Sosa, Co-Founder of Yezz

El usuario podra elegir entre un dispositivo ya diseñado o escoger modulos de su preferencia. Esta estrategia proporciona a los usuarios infinitas posibilidades y una experiencia única de un dispositivo móvil.

Jose Luis Zreik, Co-Founder of Yezz

Dans l’histoire de l’industrie du mobile, il n’y a jamais eu dans le monde, une invitation comparable pour participer à une telle mission ambitieuse. Non seulement le Project Ara génère d’innombrables possibilités pour la technologie du smartphone maid il propose également une globale transformation.

Robert Schiano, Yezz Europe

4 propelling
the industry
into modular technology

among modules

UniPro is
a high-speed
interface technology
that provides
bi-directional connections
for the data transfer
among modules

data relay

M-PHY is a serial
interface technology
that is able to relay
a large amount of
information with minimal
connection points and
low power consumption


Electropermanent Magnets
the fixture of modules
on the endoskeleton,
their magnetized state
without exhausting power

YEZZ, a worldwide mobile brand, specializes in the creation of custom devices that bestow upon the world an ultimate mobile communication experience. YEZZ is ingenious and adaptable; seamlessly detailing, designing, and developing a tailored mobile experience.

Beyond technological innovation, YEZZ is devoted to creating consumer empowerment within the world of communication. With a diverse portfolio of mobile devices, YEZZ promotes the freedom of choice in the design of the individual mobile lifestyle.

As module developer for Project Ara, Yezz: Freestyle Mobile, will collaborate in inspiring global participation and in stimulating massive accessibility of smartphone technology.